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February 12, 2012

As you can see it was a bit nippy but not bad for a mid February meeting. Paul Mikols peddled/drove his Twike for us all to drool over. I counted 14 attendees inside and not everyone came in for the meeting. There were two additional new to the group EV's reported on. Also photos of a very professional appearing Skagg ZTR mower conversion. What a fun meeting as our knowledge and experience base continues to expand.

January 8, 2012

Ten loyal members and five EV conversion's were in attendance today. Unusually mild weather for January
encouraged us to "kick tires" and discuss things electrical amongst the EV's.
The main attraction today was Bruce with his Lithium powered BMW. He has been to our events with it but this was the first regular meeting for it. The 35 mile round trip is now no problem for it even in cold weather.



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