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November 8, 2009 (12)

It was a beautiful fall meeting day for tire kicking. I caught everyone in attendance (except the photographer) in the photo on the left.
5 EV's in attendance: Jim's Force, Brian's Saturn, Steve's Beetle, Don's Force, Ed's S10
Brian brought along one of the 60ah Lithium batteries from Al's Kia!
The guy in the hat talking to Steve has a Rolls Royce kit car built on an extended pan of a Karmann Ghia that he is considering converting!

October 11, 2009 ()

Meeting was held with about a dozen attendees.

September 26, 2009 ()

Overland Park Parade

Don Buckshot and Tom Herrmann participated in the Overland Park Parade Saturday.  It was fun driving through town, hearing people talk about the time they had a VW and getting cheers from people about driving electric.


September 13, 2009 ()

The meeting was held at the Waldo Library.  Larry Kinder displayed and talked about the charging stations he is selling in KS and MO.  As well as the plug in conversion for the Prius that he is a dealer for.  Chris told about the motorcycle he has converted.  We had 5 first time visitors and two that returned for the second time.  Brian and I talked about my Kia conversion to A/C & lithium.
Al just loves the LilyPad charging station that are soon to be located all over the KC area if Larry is successful.  It is a real live working model so Al demonstrated how to operate it.  Larry Kinder explained the technical and marketing side of it.
Nice day so a lot of discussion in the parking lot.  Chris, with  helmet,  came on his long range motorcycle.  He reported a 15 mile range & top speed of 58 mph on his electric cycle;
Al arrives a little late as Michael Long is leaving
They are trying to find the 4th tire.

Red White & Blue EV's.  Brian's (smokin) Saturn, Larry's Rabbit, Ed's Saturn, & Mike's Honda.

August 9, 2009 (attendees:15)

Al suggested checking out the Plug-on Vehicle-Tracker website to watch developments on the EV world.

There is a need for two more EV's to join Ed at the Olathe Green Development Form on the Aug. 26th.

There were several EV's present, Tom Herrmann '74 VW, Al Pugsley '86 Chevy S10,Mike Chancey 88 Honda, Clyde Schwankel mower and bike, Ed de Garay Saturn.

Ed de Garay presented the desire to have the club be more active in the area of education and other types of issues.  Brian Nakonechmy also expressed an interest in our chapter becoming an independent club rather than under the California organization..

Tom Herrmann is trying to get a charging point at Honeywell Olathe for his daily computes.   Many ideas were discussed about charging stations.  Email Tom at tom@herrmanninc.com with any more ideas.



July 12, 2009 ()

Don/Force, Mike/Honda, Larry/Rabbit, Jim/Force, & Al/S10.  A very incomplete showing without and Beetles :).  Some very interested visitors, a good meeting with lots of information exchanged.

June 16, 2009 (attendees:14)

The meeting was at the Planet Sub just up the street from the library.  Mike's Honda, Larry's Rabbit pickup, and Don's Force were the EV's that were there.  Brian, Al, & Ed came in later and then left early so I didn't see what they drove.  Don is wanting to make a sign-in list available to everyone there somehow so people could easily follow up on conversations during the meeting.

May 9, 2009  (Earthfest)

There were six cars at Earthfest: Steve Werts 68 VW, Kurt Neutgens 07 Mustang, Brian Nakonechny Saturn, Mike Chancey 88 Honda, Ed de Garay CheveyS-10, Al Pugsley '86 Chevy S10.  Mike Chancey also brought an electric bike, solar panel and computer.
Troy Lentz also had the EV Instruments product there, a computer that monitors various parameters in an EV.. Newspaper article in the KCStar!
A one hour appearance for the Tesla Roadster was very impressive.

April 12, 2009  (attendance:7)

Seven people and 5 EVs met in an otherwise empty library parking lot. Present were  Al, Mike, Brian, Mark, Troy, Jamie and Ed.  After a few minutes under the rain the group decided to accept Brian's kind offer and moved the meeting to TanicEV headquarters, at 75th and Roe. There, we enjoyed coffee, the gas-heated garage and the chance to talk and observe where Brian performs his conversions. The meeting adjourned by 3:30 pm.

March 8, 2009  (attendance:8)

There was a small group that meet at the Plant Sub on 75th St.  Larry Kinder drove his new '81 VW pickup (Clyde's old EV), nice looking truck!.  Steve Werts also drove his '69 VW.

February 8, 2009  (attendance:20 est.)

Brian Nakonechny drove his nice looking, freshly converted (in 7 days) '97 Saturn. (Brian's website)


Kurt Neutgens '07 Mustang was there, what a ride. (Kurt's website)


Larry Kinder discussed the difficulty that he is having on getting insurance for his '81 Rabbit.  The group concensus is that getting insurance depends on the agent and if they are friendly with insuring EV conversions.

Tom Herrmann presented the new website for the KC charging stations network. (KC Charging Station website)


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